Genitorturers – Tickets – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO – October 19th, 2017



EVIL KUNST, Vibralux

Thu, October 19, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Riot Room

Kansas City, MO

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is 21 and over

Renowned for their status as agents provocateur of the underground hard rock and industrial metal scenes, the latex defining and pop-culture defying Genitorturers return with the Nov. 3, 2009 release of Blackheart Revolution [G-Force/MVD Entertainment].

The outfit’s fifth studio release, Blackheart Revolution is a mesmerizing blend of infectious riffs and riotous overtures that lay the sexually-charged foundation for frontwoman Gen, the master of turbo-charged ceremonies and erotic rituals. The Genitorturers live spectacle returns to the road fall 2009 with dates in the U.S and 2010 will include stops in Australia, Europe, UK and South America!

“We wanted to make a big rock record that translates the same excitement I felt when I heard AC/DC’s Highway to Hell for the first time, combined with the dark intrigue of Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare,” says Gen of the new release. “We wanted something that shakes the walls, grabs you by the balls, and scares you a bit in the process!”

Mission accomplished, as Blackheart Revolution combines the band’s signature, genre-bending style of aggressive rock, seductive metal and underground electric pop. Co-Produced by David “Evil D” Vincent [Morbid Angel] and Scott Humphrey [Motley Crue, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne], the album is a roller coaster ride of musical twists, sonic turns and reckless abandon.

A product of Orlando, Florida’s musical underbelly, what Genitorturers lack in wholesome family fun, they make up for in their celebration of the unspeakable, embracing and exploring our conservative culture’s taboos. They caught the ear (and eye) of legendary music industry magnate Miles Copeland, who signed the band to their first deal on his I.R.S. label, where they joined the ranks of fellow Copeland signings Gary Numan, The Go-Gos and R.E.M.

The lead single from Blackheart Revolution, “Cum Junkie,” is currently available via digital release, as well as in limited-edition, 7-inch vinyl. The collectible physical release will be the first in a series of vinyl singles to be released from the album, each complete with expansive packaging and uncensored artistic detail.
Vibralux is Cabaret Glam-Rock-Opera of "Meow-Tastic" proportions. With the aid of their bard, Mercury Mad, accompanied by a queer pride of cats combine 90's Rock N' Roll myths with their Greek and Roman counterparts.
Hints of Pygmalian and Galatea, Orpheus and Eurydice, Marlowe's Faust, and the not so well known story of "The Doll" Die Puppe, Coppélia, are intermixed with lyrical stories of 90's alternative superstars. #vibralux #mercurymad

Vibralux originated in Lawrence, Kansas as the Glam Theatrical love child of lead singer, guitarist, and front "person" Mercury Mad.
Anything go's was the founding musical mantra for Vibralux.

Their first album, Trans-mission was a work of dedication to all things Glam inspired.
Merc's primary influences being Antonin Artaud, exploitation film directors, Russ Meyer, John Waters, and of course musical influences such as Sondheim, Bowie, New York Dolls, and T-Rex.

Heavy glitter makeup,
androgyny, and fire breathing
phalluses were just a few of the
tricks turned on the first Vibralux stage shows. Trial, tribulation, and movement
led to growth, travel, and changes in cast and crew.

Vibralux and it's music continued under the name Mercury Mad & The Plastic Bitches,
the name, meaning "shallow complaints" was derived from fan commentary and the band's first demo offering.

Merc replies "The name was a statement of artistic indignation over bands who would refuse to perform or play their instruments as if an audience comes to a show to see them cry about life in crappy clothes with a blue lightbulb hanging over their head. No wonder people gave up on Rock. I wanted a show that portrayed Rock in all it's aspects. We couldn't call the band "Shallow Complaints" or however because then everyone would think we were some kind of mellow toned Jazz band". "One suggestion at the beginning was to call the band Space Fags, although it was a fabulous name we decided to add that idea as a song on the first album instead".

After several years of trials, tours and member changes Merc had resigned the project to annihilation due to personal issues of "life and health" from constant touring and perhaps simply uhhh ... "partying" a bit to much.

However, with fervor for old school Rock and stage performance the project was reformed with changes in cast members, mentality, and musicality.

A new phase is on the horizon, a new album with an ironic twist is just around the corner.
Stay tuned, and keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the stage.

The Doll awakened, our own Galatea will step down from the pedestal to gather her followers for the great dance. Vibralux is back to shake your bones once agai
Venue Information:
The Riot Room
4048 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111
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