Moonspell – Tickets – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO – February 14th, 2014


E/C Presents: America Noir Tour 2014


Leaves Eyes, Atrocity, Night Creation

Fri, February 14, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Riot Room

Kansas City, MO

$16.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

Hailing from the nation of Portugal, the doomy goth metal quintet Moonspell consists of vocalist Fernando Ribeiro, guitarist Ricardo Amorim, keyboardist/programmer Pedro Paixão, bassist Sérgio Crestana, and drummer Mike Gaspar. After a poorly distributed 1994 album for the French Adipocere label, Moonspell debuted on Century Media in 1995 with Wolfheart; it was followed in 1996 by Irreligious and in 1998 by Sin/Pecado. Moonspell returned in 1999 with Butterfly Effect. Two years later, the group released Darkness and Hope, produced by Hiili Hiilesman. In 2003, Moonspell collaborated with author José Luís Peixoto to release The Antidote, an album and book of the same name that told a complete narrative. Three years later, the group returned with Memorial, which was produced by Waldemar Sorychta and was the first to be released on the SPV Steamhammer label. In 2008, the group released their ninth album, Night Eternal
Leaves Eyes
Leaves Eyes
Leaves' Eyes are:
Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull - Vocals / Mathias Röderer - Guitar / Thorsten Bauer - Guitar / Chris Lukhaup - Bass / Moritz Neuner - Drums & Percussion / Alexander Krull - Vocals, Programming

World history set to music, seasoned with legends, love and passion -- no less could be said about the second Leaves' Eyes album Vinland Saga. Vocalist Liv Kristine and Co. (a.k.a Atrocity) embark on a mystic journey. Leif Erikson's legendary voyage to Greenland in 1000 A.D., which consequently ended in America according most historians, is depicted by Leaves' Eyes through atmospheric Metal, Rock and sensual ballads. It is a story marked by powerful riffs, melody and string arrangements, which represent a colorful bandwidth of musical styles, truly adequate to the very concept of the album itself and never concealing the Nordic origins of the singer. "I found my inspiration for many of the pieces in the Norwegian art and folk music, as well as in Celtic melodies," explains Liv Kristine. She knew from the very beginning that a special approach was needed for such an ambitious musical enterprise: "I absolutely wanted to work with actual classical instruments for Vinland Saga to do this great story justice."

Classic rock compositions ensnared in strings and kettledrums, loving flowing harmonies, and hammering m
"With "OKKULT" we want to start a very special album trilogy. Most recently with the "Die Gottlosen Jahre (The Godless Years)" DVD, a splendid film documentary was released commemorating our longer than 25 year career, which even now is to run at film festivals.

Reason enough now to usher in a new era of ATROCITY! Musically, no prisoners will be taken, the "OKKULT" series is also brutal, bombastic and dark. These will not only be the heaviest and most brutal albums of ATROCITY since years, but also the darkest works of our band's history. Lovers of our harder material like "Hallucinations", "Todessehnsucht", "Blut" or "Atlantis" will surely be delighted with the "OKKULT" series at their expense, although the "OKKULT" songs have their own trademarks, of course." states singer and producer Alex Krull.

The new ATROCITY opus "OKKULT" is the kickstart to an album trilogy, as it has not been seen before in the metal scene! Musically ATROCITY show an enormous tension width, and deliver a very powerful, homogeneous and atmospheric album: On the one hand with much bombast and big choirs a la "March Of The Undying"; on the other hand ATROCITY deliver equally purist, brutal metal songs, which get under your skin just as intensely, closely and authentically.
The overall sound is perfectly harmonized. The earthy, brilliant production sounds intoxicating and gives the musical pieces the necessary energy, atmosphere and roughness to dive immediately into the lyrical concept. This is anything but one-dimensional:

The lyrics relate to occult magic, mysterious places, conspiracy theories and mysteries that are still unsolved. Thus ATROCITY turn John Milton's vision of "Pandemonium" into reality in an imposing way. With "Death By Metal", a mystical tale from long ago, ATROCITY have composed a tribute to their own musical roots, as well as it is their own band anthem. The band takes us with "Haunted By Demons" on a Scottish Haunted Castle, and brings in "Necromancy Divine" the ancient necromancer Erictho back to life. Moreover, the "OKKULT" cover motif is dedicated to her. With overwhelming power the gates of hell are opened in "Masaya (Boca del Inferno)". The epic "When Empires Fall To Dust" set the mystical prophecies of a mysterious, French Freemason from the First World War to music. Never before has the Ides of March been staged musically as gripping as in "Murder Blood Assassination". Also the myths surrounding the Antarctic have never before been turned into such a hymnic piece of music ("Beyond Perpetual Ice"). As a culmination the poisoner and witch "La Voisine" does her mischief in the Paris of the 17th Century: What could fit better than a smashing, furious metal song of the brand ATROCITY?

In keeping with the dark atmosphere of "OKKULT" the band got the Canadian Sound Designer Katie Halliday on board. She worked for movies like "Saw V", "Saw VI", "Saw 3D (VII)", "The Devil's Carnival" and "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil", and already could reap some awards for her work.

The orchestral parts were recorded by the Lingua Mortis Orchestra under the direction of Victor Smolski (RAGE) in Minsk / Belarus. Besides all harshness and bombast ATROCITY again show their excellent sense of very good, catchy songs – "Satan's Braut" is definitely a pure club hit.

"For our fans, we've come up with something very special: There will be no conventional bonus tracks on the "OKKULT" albums! In return, all fans can actively engage in a kind of treasure hunt. For the respective "OKKULT" albums, we will hide one song on an "occult site", which is the "missing track" to each album. For the first "OKKULT" record that certain place will be in Europe. All original recording tracks and mixes of these songs will be destroyed by our own hands, that also means we as a band will also not be able to listen to these songs until they are found. They are in the truest sense of the word: Unique." Alex Krull explains the very first global Metal treasure hunt.
The first evidence of "Metal goes Geocaching" are hidden in the booklet of the limited edition digipak and in the iTunes version. By the means of a numerical code the ATROCITY fan can determine the code word for the access to the treasure hunt on the website of ATROCITY. The code word is the title of the hidden songs, and at the same time the first indication of the location of the secret hiding place!

The new ATROCITY album "OKKULT" is in every sense a real treat! So let's start the occult treasure hunt with ATROCITY. Congratulations to the terrific work "OKKULT"!
Night Creation
Night Creation
Night Creation is formed in early 2008 belonging to other bands, they decide to be part of the Metal scene in Kansas city. In the same year 2008 make their official debut as a band in a local music festival, having a good public acceptance; in the same year they recorded their first demo called under that same name with seven tracks, such as: Raven Dark, Cold Dream, soul of Agony...among others.

Night Creation regarded as Dark Metal, also influenced by the darkness of Black Metal. shared the stage with great bands: Moonspell, Devine Heresy, URN, Tyr, Goatwhore, Ceremonial Casting, Dreaming Dead...
Venue Information:
The Riot Room
4048 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111
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