Max Frost – Tickets – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO – July 26th, 2014

Max Frost

Max Frost

The Latenight Callers

Sat, July 26, 2014

7:30 pm

The Riot Room

Kansas City, MO

This event is 21 and over

Max Frost
Max Frost
There are a few things you should know about musician, producer and songwriter Max Frost. He developed his eclec?c style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. Max became a musician when he was eight, learning guitar simply because music was always around him and he loved it. He started playing shows at 12 and collaborated with a diverse array of ar?sts like Aus?n icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. AJer hearing musicians like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo in his late teens, Max began incorpora?ng hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modern rhythms with classic vintage tones in his music.
“White Lies,” a boisterous number that expresses the feeling of paranoia one finds in a rela?onship and reflects that aching fear of
betrayal, in April 2013. The track hit No. 1 on The Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Now” in April and May, and Max suddenly found himself with a far greater audience than Aus?n, TX. Max channeled the song’s success into the crea?on of his debut EP, Low High Low, out in October. For the musician, the EP is an opportunity to showcase the way he pulls in aspects of various styles, from blues to funk to electro to hip-hop to pop, and fuses them together in a new way.
many genres so I wanted to create an introduc?on that displayed diversity but also had coherence.”
find peace and meaning in the world, and to channel his own experiences into some relatable. There is dis?nct sense that the listeners can insert themselves into
decided to leave the University of Texas-Aus?n, where he was studying
English, to pursue his solo career. The musician released a single,
“The songs all connect to polar emo?onal states in life – highs and lows – giving the EP its name,” Max
says. “This basic pa]ern is reflected in the content of the songs and the moods of the melodies. The
theme con?nues in the produc?on aesthe?cs of low-fi and high-fi, which will con?nue as the basic
concept in my music into my upcoming LP. I hope the songs give a rounded representa?on of the music
I've made in the past as well as a window into what I plan to create for the future. I'm influenced by
The music itself, as heard on Low High Low, is dynamic and innova?ve, a new way of capturing classic
sonic ideas. It’s also a way for Max to
Max’s songs, which is perhaps the most important thing you should know about him.
!“A good song is 95 percent of complete thought,” Max says. “A small part of it should be leJ vague and incomplete because that’s where a listener projects in their own life and their understanding of how it fits as a whole for them. I want to leave space in my music for the other person to project what they’ve lived. That’s true of my new EP and it will be true of my forthcoming album.”
The Latenight Callers
The Latenight Callers
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are The Latenight Callers...and we're much obliged..."

The Latenight Callers assembled themselves in a seedy basement in Lawrence, KS, around a card table strewn with liquor bottles, cigarettes, and shared tales of strange and debaucherous encounters....

The band soon moved their base of operations to a seedy basement in Kansas City, MO, turned up their amps, their synths, their bullhorns, and refined their dark, dancy tales for execution in front of the public at large...

The Latenight Callers were subsequently referred to as "Patsy Cline singing for Portishead", "Sexy Lounge Rock", "Noir-a-Go-Go" after their live shows swayed, swaggered, and charmed their audiences into their back-seats...

Kansas City knows the grit and allure of the Noir world through it's own history, and The Latenight Callers write a new chapter in that crime-novel that is the lust, the murder, the open road of The Cold, Cold Heart of America...
Venue Information:
The Riot Room
4048 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111
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