Ne-Hi – Tickets – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO – March 1st, 2017



The Tambourine Club, Together Like Buffalo

Wed, March 1, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Riot Room

Kansas City, MO

$10.00 - $12.00

Tickets no longer available

This event is 21 and over

Emerging from underground venues in Chicago’s Northwest side, NE-HI made its name on both its live energy and cleverly wrought guitar anthems. On its second album Offers (Grand Jury), the band takes those basement-forged instincts and refines them, lets its guitars explore new angles, and focuses its songwriting. The result shows there are a wide range of post-punk possibilities yet to be explored.
It all started at Animal Kingdom, a flash-in-the-pan DIY basement in Chicago’s Logan Square. There, in the summer of 2013, three friends from college, Jason Balla (guitar/vocals), Mikey Wells (guitar/vocals) and James Weir (bass) linked up with drummer Alex Otake to score a buddy’s film and decided to start bashing around together as NE-HI. NE-HI’s more ambitious sound and heady arrangements broke away from garage rock’s back-to-basic’s approach. The band’s disparate influences--Wire’s post-punk, Springsteen’s everyman anthems, along with echoes of dreamy atmospheres of Dave Roback’s Rain Parade and the jangly buzz of Kiwi pop legends The Clean--began burning through. The band attracted the attention of Dave Vettraino, who asked NE-HI to record at his Public House Recordings studio for posting on his website. Vettraino would go on to record the band’s debut album. The Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot gave the debut the #4 spot in his 2014 year-end list.
Offers is NE-HI finding that rising to the occasion means living up to your own standards, not someone else’s. The band entered Chicago’s Minbal studio in January 2016 to record ten songs with Vettraino engineering, but scrapped most of the session. To finish the record, NE-HI went back to touring, writing, rewriting and returned to Minbal in March more solid than ever. It recorded most of Offers live at Minbal to capture the energy--only overdubbing vocals.
Offers drones, it captivates with soaring pop, it shimmers with atmosphere, always changing, looking. The album veers from the staccato pop of “Palm of Hand” (which nods to Chicago’s Disappears) to the jangly pleasures of “Stay Young.” The off-kilter, ultra-catchy “Sisters” refines the carefree feeling of the band’s debut--picking up the spirit of New Zealand pop. Title track “Offers” feels like a slight departure, the band pushing its most abstract and unpredictable instincts. On “Prove” the band’s post-punk guitars come at blistering tempo, it’s the band’s most athletic moment yet. While the punchy drawl of “Buried on the Moon” conjures a less sleepy Let’s Active.
Offers finds the distant influence of forebears in cerebral guitar pop presented with a familiarity that typifies great FM rock hits. The Midwestern boys (two from Chicago, one from Wisconsin, and one from Minnesota) in NE-HI have a knack for knitting something comfortable and warm from those art school cast- offs and cult favorites. NE-HI’s music demands to be lived in. Chances are good that in the case of Offers, regifting will be rare.
The Tambourine Club
The Tambourine Club
"Kansas City’s Tambourine Club is the creation of one Bryan Lamanno, a multi-instrumentalist whose debut EP, “Lo-Fi Feeling,” is free for the downloading.

Though Lamanno gigs and has recorded with collaborators on other projects, the dreamy psychedelic pop “Lo-Fi” is a solo affair. “I could never get the right sound and feeling I was happy with, so, as the saying goes, did it on my own 4 this one,” he told me via email.

That personal approach shines clearly in the record’s intimate, personal vibe. Its five tracks are very much interlocking pieces of a singular statement, and they work together as a cohesive 20 minutes.

“Lo-Fi” begins with a spare introduction consisting of simple electric organ chords and multi-tracked vocals, muffled and echoed into an incomprehensible wash of sound. It soon morphs into “Only in the Night,” augmenting the minimal arrangement with ticking electronic drums and a twanging cowboy guitar, later joined by a deep, chiming celesta. The effect is almost hypnotic, with the percussive “tick tick tick” as a harmonious counterpoint to the organic nature of the vocals and other instrumentation.

“Dry Your Eyes” is built on a foundation of beefier, more realistic drums accompanied by acoustic guitar and a thick, muscular Matthew Sweet-ish electric guitar solo (thankfully without Sweet’s penchant for self-overindulgence). Its simple melody grows addictive on multiple listens.

“Throw Me a Line” is a left curve, with a huge distorted bass line set atop a shuffling sampled drum loop (think the Alanis ’90s) and a quiet tremolo guitar pealing through the sludge. And is that a sitar rounding out the psychedelic/trip-hop mashup? Whatever it is, it works to pull the track into the same realm as the rest of the EP.

“I Do” is the most stripped-down song in the bunch, with a lone upright piano plunking out one note at a time under another sluice of Lamanno’s spacey vocals. What it’s about is anyone’s guess. The effects obscure most of the consonants — but that’s hardly a problem.

“Lo-Fi Feeling” combines Mazzy Star’s quiet moodiness with the fuzzy noise of the Secret Machines’ ’60s references. It ranges from quietly spooky to gently rousing without abandoning its identity, making for good headphone listening.

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Together Like Buffalo
Together Like Buffalo
Together Like Buffalo is a fun happy grunge punk rock band from Kansas City, MO. The band consists of four members: Cameron - Bass/Vocals, Dustin - Lead Guitar/Vocals, R.J. - Drums, Montana - Rhythm Guitar. The band has been together now for little over a year now and has come a long way since they started both musically and as individuals. They have played many shows and have made many new friends. They even came out with a Demo in mid November called The Missing Page and are currently getting ready to do a split album with another local band in KCMO called Pros/Cons this May.
Venue Information:
The Riot Room
4048 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111
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